Solo Hike: Montara Mountain

Hey Hey! Happy New Years!

I’m not sure what exactly happened but I didn’t feel like blogging for a good month. I was pretty pumped about it when I started the blog, but quickly lost all motivation (let’s blame it on the holidays). But anyways, I’m here now, and I hope to be here pretty consistently. Even though I didn’t make any explicit resolution about blogging, I’d like to try to commit to two posts a week. Maybe more? Depends on how many exciting things I have to write about.


I had an amazing whirlwind of a trip home for Christmas. It was packed full of family and friend time, which was so incredible and necessary after being away from home for 6 months. But as great as it was, I was craving some serious alone time in the outdoors.

I did a little research and decided to explore south of the city for the first time (yeah I know, but better late than never). I made the quick trip down to Pacifica to Montara Mountain. Guys, it’s SO CLOSE and incredibly easy to get to. Google it.


One website I looked at suggested beginning the hike from the Gray Whale Cove Beach Parking lot, which I also highly recommend.

Overall, it’s a pretty straightforward hike. You begin at the parking lot (there are porta potties available, which was a life saver for my tiny bladder and lack of planning ahead) and make your way up the trail on the right side of the lot. After a few minutes of walking, you can decide to either stay on the main trail for a longer, less strenuous walk, or make your way up a steep footpath that will cut some distance off of the hike, but is pretty steep. If you’re looking for an extra challenge, take the footpath! From there, you basically just follow the well signed access road to the top.


I initially went up to North Peak because that was the clearest route, but it’s slightly anti-climatic when you get to the top because of all of the (radio? cell?) towers. From there, I made my way over to the other high point west of North Peak. It has a less obvious trail to the top, but it’s an easy hike. I recommend heading to this one too if you want better views and more of a “I am one with the wilderness” feeling.


Overall, I really enjoyed this hike! Beautiful views of the ocean, Mt. Tam, SF and more!  And it’s such an easy drive from the city. I plan on coming back here on a warm day and heading over to the beach after hiking. It was a moderate trail with just under 2000 foot elevation. There is a decent amount of parking. I got there around 11:30 am and it was pretty empty, but it seemed to be filling up as the day progressed. The biggest downfall of this mountain is that there are lots of power wires and towers around and you are walking up a gravelly road the entire time (but that does make for awesome views the entire time and make it a good spot for mountain biking!)

I will definitely be coming back here! You should too!



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