Review: Woods Bar and Brewery

Hi again. Two posts in one day? Woah. Who even am I?

I just wanted to pop in and do a quick review of the bar I stopped at prior to the concert on Friday.

The Place: Woods Bar and Brewery in Oakland. One of three Bay Area locations serving Woods Beer Co. Beers. The place was somewhat cozy (it had a cute little outdoor fire place) but that coziness felt a little forced. It kind of had that fake, hipster-ish vibe to it that comes with many of the Bay Area bars.

The Drinks: Okay so this is how they describe themselves- “We brew small batches of fresh, exciting, and experimental beers, often in collaboration with our friends in the Bay Area’s vibrant food and drink world. Our inspiration comes from far and wide, but our beers are deeply rooted here. Our approach is unconventional but our work is accessible and friendly: Adventurous brews for curious drinkers” And they are NOT lying about that. I am a huge beer lover, IPAs especially, the hoppier the better for me. These beers were not like any beers I have ever had before. Very unique ingredients (think Yerba Mate, lavender, and eucalyptus) and very interesting flavors. Not bad, but not what I typically go for. They also have wines available for you juice drinkers out there.

The Food: The only thing they serve are empanadas. SO GOOD.  I had a chicken one and one with Swiss chard and feta. YUM. Do yourself a favor and get one, or two, or ten.

Solo Rating: Not a bad place to go alone. The empanadas come out very quickly, so if you’re nervous/feeling weird about eating out alone (which you shouldn’t!), you won’t have to be there for long. There were a good number of people, but I had no trouble finding a seat at the bar. Guests and bartenders were very friendly and I ended up making plans to meet up again with some people I met there.

Overall Rating: 3/5. I’m happy I tried it, but I can’t see myself ever going back. I would recommend Woods Bar and Brewery if you’re looking to break up your usual beer routine. Or if you’re someone who doesn’t like most beers, you might just find a new, unique favorite!


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