The First (solo) Thanksgiving

Hey! Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving full of yummy food and hopefully surrounded by people you love. These past few days were a full of a couple “firsts” for me- my first Thanksgiving away from home, and the first time I went to a concert by myself. Both of which were amazing! I was going to do a combined post, writing about both Thanksgiving and the concert, but the concert was so incredible, I think I’m going to give it it’s own post. Sound good?

Okay so let’s talk turkey (wow that was lame… not changing it).

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. I mean, it’s a holiday revolving around family, food, football, and naps, what’s not to love?? So it was really hard to not be with loved ones on this day.

I had to work during the day, so it didn’t feel too much like Thanksgiving. It was a little strange and kind of sad. But I FaceTimed my family during my lunch break, which was actually perfect timing because they were finishing up their meal, but weren’t all in food comas yet (yay for modern technology and a 3 hour time difference).

I was lucky enough to have a few invitations from friends to crash their Thanksgiving, and I gladly and graciously accepted my friend Vanessa’s invitation for dinner.

Now, by no means is being taken in like a stray puppy a replacement for being with the ones you love, but dang, it felt good to be around a family. I realized that none of my time spent out here is spent in a family setting, which is to be expected I guess. Much of my time is spent with people my age (besides my patients at work, but that’s a different story), so it was refreshing to be able immersed in a family gathering. It was a relatively small group, but they were all so kind and welcoming and I left with my belly feeling full and my heart feeling happy (and a container of leftovers #thankful).

I’d say my first Thanksgiving away from home was a success. Yes, it was bitter sweet, but it didn’t end in tears or drinking alone watching Grey’s Anatomy, so all in all, it was a pretty solid day. And as cheesy as it sounds, it really did remind me of all I have to be thankful for- like this adventure in this incredible city, people caring enough to open their homes to me, and family and friends 3,424 miles away who love and support me no matter what and remind  me every day that the distance is just a number.

Now only 26 days til I go home for Christmas! And to do all my Christmas shopping…

Happy Weekend!



The First Post

Hello hello! I’m Caitlin, a 24 year old Boston native, who moved to San Francisco in the summer of 2015. Like many other SFers, I moved here alone, knowing almost no one, and am trying to navigate this crazy new world of making friends, exploring a new city, and figuring out myself in the process.

What I envision for this blog is basically anecdotes of my random solo adventures, reviews and recommendations for loner-friendly activities, along with maybe some more personal posts? Who knows!  My goal is if I do something alone (which I often do) I want to share it with you!

I am by no means a writer, advice columnist, foodie or anything remotely resembling an expert on anything I will potentially write about.  I’m just a girl trying to get the most out of this move, eat some good food, drink some good beer, go on good hikes, and have some fun in the process. I know I’m not alone in this pursuit, and figure that documenting my explorations may help some other SF rookies too.

Hope you enjoy!